Saturday, September 5, 2009

“…she smiles in an exhausted but warm sort of way, as though she is a brilliant sun in some other galaxy.”

- Still alive!

- Ulpan, Hebz and such are all going well. Not too much to report.

- Went to Tel Aviv this weekend with a gaggle of girls and the Dutch Sasquatch. Learned that I definitely - definitely - chose correctly when I picked HU over Tel-Aviv University (didn't even bother applying) - TLV is definitely not my scene. It's all beach and clubs and alcohol and random hookups. Not saying it wasn't fun, but I'm happy to be back in J-Lem, with its evil Shabbis-breaking parking-lots and sci-fi Saturdays.

- Had a wonderful bout of anxiety, spawned by bathing suits and a beach-side club full of really, really, really gorgeous people. (No, seriously - if M. hadn't talked to the guy on the phone before we got there, there's no way they would have let us in the door, our fashion sense aside. Too many supermodels in Tel Aviv; I'll take my Haredim and their funny Shabbis hats, thanks.) Handled it well, though. Scooby Gang + Sasquatch went to the beach, and I (sans bathing suit) tooled around a shopping area, met some wonderfully nice and very helpful Israelis*, and saw The Time Traveler's Wife. GORGEOUS film. Everyone should see it, just for the cinematography. The story line was beautiful, too, but it was the camera-work that really impressed me. I might go see it again this week with some of the Scoobies.

- Why do they never hold sci-fi conventions in Israel? Seriously. I'm sure Joe Flanigan's hair would be just as awesome in the desert as anywhere else. *harumph*

- Farscape S2 finally finished! I can watch the season finale now, horray! (My life is so exciting.)

- No, really! Potential going to Egypt over the break, with a few dudes and maybe a few people from the Scooby Gang. Caiirroooooo. And possibly Petra (in Jordan)! Al-Arabiyya!! How I have missed you so.

* Israeli Sandwich Maker Guy was so incredibly sweet. I must recount the conversation, so I can remember later. It was so precious.

Him: Ma at rotseh?
Me: Uhh... ani lo yodehat... uh... err... *looks very confused*
Him: *highly amused by my fail* Anglit?
Me: *relieved sigh* Cen, yes, thank you.
Him: What you want? Lamb? Cheese?
Me: No, thank you, I'm -
Him: We have turkey. You want sandwich?
Me: Yes, thank you, but I'm vegan. I don't eat -
Him: Oh, yeah, yeah okay, no, uh, cheese or egg or meat.
Me: Or dairy, yes.
Him: Ah, okay, what can we make for you? Hmmm, eh, you like mayonnaise?
Other guy: That has egg.
Him: Oh, right okay, how about... pesto?
Other guy: That has mayonnaise.
Him: Right. How about tahini? Is very good!
Me: Yes, that'd be wonderful, thank you!
Him: Okay.... how about... you like cabbage? Is salad with eh...
Other guy: Mayonnaise.

And so on and so forth, hee. It was SO CUTE. He wound up making me a wonderful sandwich with roasted peppers, tomatoes, tahini, olive bruschetta and pickles. SO GOOD. It might be a stereotype, but it's so true that every Israeli I've met so far has been so helpful. No matter what you're trying to do or where you're tying to go, they'll go out of their way to help you. It's quite wonderful.


  1. Whew, been missing you,Cuz....sounds like all is right with the world (well, you know what I mean), now that you've posted again.....ACCEPT, NO PICTURE AGAIN.....what's up with the NO PICTURES....I have to live vicariously through my globe trotting college educated young cousin.....seriously, WHERE'S THE PICTURES?

    Glad you are getting to have some fun, what an awesome experience.

    Love you,

  2. Ta da!

    Okay, so it's not Dragon*Con, and the website isn't even that updated, and sadly Joe Flanigan will probably not come here ever, but it's... interesting. A little scary, but interesting. If you want to see a musical about the life of Liam O'Leary (aka Angel) or the Rocky Horror PS in Heb, you shold check it out :-) It's during Sukkot, and while my Sukkot's gonna be busy this year, I really hope to make it for a day. Guests of honor are usually authors, and while I don't know most of them, in recent years we've had Orson Scott Card and Neil Gaiman, which, respect.

    And hey, don't knock Tel Aviv! It's not all parties and supermodels. There is... diversity :-)