Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I gotta blow, homes."

- Group of us went to the Souk (al-Arabiyya > Evrit) last night and bought lots of fresh foods! Babo would have drooled over the fish, Mombo over the pastries. Catherine drooled over the basil. Mmmmmbasil. Going to make Italian dinner one of these nights. Possibly tonight (bi'layla)! We shall see (what thereat is, and this mystery explore! Let my heart be still a moment, and this mystery explore! 'Tis the wind and nothing more!).

- *nerd*

- First epic Evrit test today. Think it went well. We shall see (c-caw c-caw!). Set expectations low and be pleasantly surprised, y/y? N'am.

- Going to the Golan Heights this weekend with a group of talmidim/tulaab. There's hiking involved! Outdoorsy things and possibly bugs! Shocked, aren't you? Hopefully I'll remember my sunblock this time. Whoops. We're staying in a hostel and having Shabbat dinner. ....I should bring my own food, shouldn't I? No challah for me. :(

- Should see Gili again Mon or Tues before she leaves! I do not enjoy this irony NOR do I want to pay for it. Ugh. Can we move SAIC to Israel?

- S. from J-Fund emailed me yesterday! She is so sweet. She gave me her email and told me to keep in touch, even though she's leaving JF for other work. I miss them all so much. Must be awesome and get job at Pal NP here in J-Lem. M. from Hebrew class (formerly known as Arabic!Girl) said she'd help edit a letter b'il Arabiyya to one of the NPs I'm looking at. Just my luck I'd end up writing, "Good day, kind sir, and what a large penis you have!"

My brain. It fails.

- Lazy evening. Just may break out those SGA discs (still did not watch The Last Man). Oh, how I miss my sci-fi! And Torri! And the Flan! This requires impromptu Flan vid!

(10 minutes later) Ugh. Israel won't let me upload it. Ho. Anyway, it's here! Also, the classic - (15 minutes later) Ooh, and this one worked! Huzzah!

He is so totally my TV boyfriend.

- Just might take a nap. Brain = fried.

- BUT BUT BUT!! Recessional a la Babo! Shukran, Abee!!! I love it so much (even though you jazz'd it up ^^).

- Lehiterot! / Ma asalaama!

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