Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"It's all right to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation." - Dr. Rob Gilbert

Brain too tired for coherency. Also, no spell check on this computer. Be forwarned.

- Night before - 4 hours sleep. Anxiety! Sweet text from Babo.

- Flight - 10 hours. Sat next to Philipino dude. Very nice. Everyone spent most of the time with their headphones in. Did not sleep much. El Al forgot I was vegan. Did not eat much either. How long will it take Mombo to send a nasty email? *g*

- No customs! Holla.

- Bus ride - 1 hour. Made us fill out forms. Missed most of the view.

- Housing - Gross. Gross, gross, gross and for good measure some more gross. Dude that lives there is naaaaassty. I think the tile is growing stuff. Ew ew ew. Must have Gili take me shopping for animal friendly cleaning supplies. Babo, you think MY dorm was bad? This is a whole other level of disgusting. (I think I live with all dudes!)(And by live with, I mean there's a common area/kitchen we all share, and then everyone has their own bedroom.)(It looks rather like a prison cell. People at the front of campus at least get a view of the Haram al-Sharif. I see the back parking lot, and a lovely set of dumpsters.)

- Going on campus tour/to orientation/potential shopping excursion later. Will see whether my eyes stay open.

- ALSO. NO INTERNET IN MY DORM. I DIE NOW. DIE. This post brought to you by a public terminal. Charlie will feel so abandoned! MUST RECTIFY SOME WAY. (I imagine this involves talking to the nasty dude that lives with us.)(Other dude I met seems nice and clean and potentially not straight. We shall see.)

- Went grocery shopping. Babo will appreciate this: bread, peanut butter, jelly, and grapes. (The hummus wasn't labeled in English! Must get Gili to buy food with me.)

- Gonna go. Gotta pee. More later when brain works.

- Love to all.


  1. EEWwWWWW, what kind of place is this school? It looked really nice in the pictures....hhhmmm...can you stay with Gili as much as possible? Maybe you can find another place to live? ANd,no internet? iieeeehhhh! Can you get set up with a wireless card from a cell phone provider or am I thinking too far outside of the box? Maybe after you get some sleep you can sort some things out. I'll keep checking back....I'm sending REALLY GOOD THOUGHTS YOUR WAY...

  2. Hmmm. . . all guys can have its benefits. . . although not if they're all icky. Good luck with that.

    yay no customs :D

    Je t'aime!!!