Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think your gun is compensating.

May not go to Golan. Theme of trip is "Israeli heroism". Not entirely sure I can handle it, post tonight's dinner.

Move all the Palestinians to Egypt.

Christ on a bike.


And you know what? I lied. I don't give you cement. I don't give you building materials. They need them to construct those things - what do you call them again? oh yeah: homes. And schools. And hospitals. Because Hamas is filled with a bunch of fucktards doesn't give you the right to deny food, water, shelter and basic human rights to an entire population of over one million. They have a phrase for that, actually. It's called "collective punishment." It's also illegal. You know who says? The Geneva Convention. Look it up. And after you do that, you can kiss my white, American, Palestinian-loving ass.

There. Now I'm mad.

And I feel better.

And I'm going to spend the weekend with Gili, who is way more awesome than 110 degree weather and hiking.


  1. Holy Shit, Kid....don't hurt anybody! But, if you need back up....I'm on my way! Go GET 'EM Girl! Sheesh, I never seen ya mad before. And, you think you're confused about blog camp....I'm REALLY confused about Christ on a bike? What is that? ;o)

  2. weekend with friends > hiking and bugs *nod*

    je t'aime, ma vache!!

    (also, expect mail like next weekish? I'm trying to be uberly good and send you snail mail like weekly or so XD)