Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Je suis le President de Burundi."

Ah, the ultimate question when in Israel:

Fireworks or gunfire?


(Don't worry, they weren't aiming at the Americans. (OH, ZING.))

- Hebrew lessons: are awesome.

- Housing situation: is resolved! Now living with non-sketch chick who desires to clean apartment from head to toe. WIN. Still have a few of dumpsters, but at least it's from the 8th floor, not right out my window.

- Shabbat: bodes well. Provided I can find the bus to the Central Bus Station, and from there to Kfar Saba. And not wind up in Petah Tikva. (Unless Ronit Elkabetz is there. Then I might not care.)

- Went with a few peeps to Ben Yehuda street. Witnessed crazy white African dummer, Rabbis dancing on top of a mini-van, a girl balancing on top of the street signs, and the most awesome falafel of life. (That last one I ate, not just witnessed. For the record. It comes with french fries! I think this country was made for me.)

- Still trying to figure out how to talk to Arabic!girl without making an ass of myself. Ahlan, ismee Catherine. La attakelm al-lukhet al-arabiyya jayyid. Ana "fail at life". Blargh. Must read up on Arabiyya mufradet.

- "Two languages in one head?! No one can live at that speed! Good lord, man!"
"But the Dutch speak four languages and smoke marijuana."

- Totes exhausted. Going to look over Hebrewz one more time, watch The Last Man (SHUTUP I'm having Flan withdrawals!), and then die.


  1. about some pictures...I want to SEEEEEEE the crazy Rabbi's dancing on the mini-van and the falafel.....can't we see it too? PUHleeeeeze?
    I'm sooo glad you got your housing issue resolved and am hoping internet connection as well!
    Please don't take up smoking maryjane in order to keep two languages in one'll master everything you set out to, I know it!
    Any camels yet?

  2. You are still alive! Bonus!

    Further proof the Dutch are secretly awesome? Indeed! I knew a Dutch girl once. She had dreadlocks, listened to punk music, and was studying to be an architect. Clearly, being Dutch = win.

    Hah, how's that fourth season version of Sheppard treating you? HORRIBLY DEPRESSING N'EST-CE PAS?! (I remembered some French!) I approve of a tag called "The Flan."

    Get moar internets! I misses talking to you!